Smile Care Plan

River Family Dentistry offers an in house savings plan in an effort to encourage accessible oral healthcare. This plan is for patients who are unable to obtain dental insurance or find that our plan is more cost effective than their current dental coverage plan.


  • 2 Yearly healthy gums cleanings
  • 2 Yearly exams and bitewing x-rays (including examination of teeth, gums, and an oral cancer screening)
  • 2 Fluoride treatments (for children up to the age of 18)
  • 1 Panoramic x-ray or full mouth series (only once every 3 years)
  • 15% Discount on all other in house procedures (procedures include sealants, fillings, whitening, crowns, bridges, extractions, partials and dentures, root canals, and oral surgery)
  • 15% Discount on all products
  • NO deductibles or maximums, NO claims processing or pre-authorization needed, NO waiting period


Adults: $375 (one time annual fee) ($50 off for each additional adult)

Children: $275 (one time annual fee, up to age 18) ($50 off for each additional child)

Families: $50 discount on family sizes of 3+


  • Annual fee due in full upon joining
  • It is up to the member to maximize Smile Care benefits, if appointments are not used before the years end, member is not entitled to a refund.
  • Payments are due on date of service, no other discounts apply
  • Plan is non-transferable, fee is non-refundable, and benefits will not be carried over to a new year.

Smile Care Calculator

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